Security Issues to Keep in Mind When Moving

When moving from one residence to another, there are many security issues that people often overlook or give little thought to, such as replacing the existing locks and keys or fixing the areas of weakness and unintended access points.

However, there are things you could do to improve the security of your new home.

Security Audit

One of the first processes to undertake when you move into the new house is to take a security audit. A security audit will reveal all areas of weakness so you could fix them. Some of the areas you need to concentrate on are shaded or concealed areas, unintended access points, as well as basement entry points if there are any.

Replacing the existing locks and keys

When you move into a new residence, one of the first things you need to do is change the existing locks and keys. By not changing the locks and keys, you risk that people who have previously lived in residence or entered the place while visiting or providing some service, have extra keys and can gain access to your property. You can never be entirely sure who has the spare keys and what intentions they might have. That is why Locxworx NW Locksmith offers you a service of changing all the existing locks and keys. For even better protection, you can choose to install high-security locks.

Alarm System

One of the best ways to improve the security in your house is to install an alarm system.

If your new residence already has an alarm system, you should do a thorough maintenance check upon moving in. You need to be sure that the alarm system is properly working. Also, it is advisable to change existing passwords. You can then choose who will be given the new password.

If the house doesn’t have an existing alarm system, call the Locxworx NW Locksmith to install one for you.

Secure the doors and windows

Burglars typically enter the property through the doors or windows. When moving into the new house, check all the windows and doors. If any are damaged, repair or replace them.

Get to know the neighbors and supervise the guests

When you move into the new neighborhood, get to know your neighbors to build a connection and develop trust. Neighbors can also watch your house when you are away.

Family and neighbors will want to visit once you move into the new house. Be welcoming but careful. Keep valuable possessions in safes or other secure places.

 Install Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

Make sure that your property is well-lit. Keep the lights on, even when you are away. It leaves the impression that someone is in the house, even if no one is there.

These are just some of the common security issues that arise when moving to a new residence. Take all the necessary measures to improve your property’s security and keep yourself and your home safe.

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