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For a burglar to access your premises and wreak havoc, it does not need you to have left the house for days. Only a few hours are enough for a burglar to break in steal and leave you with physical loss. Apart from the loss of valuables, there is also the issue that your privacy is no longer the same because it has been violated by burglars. This article discusses the aspect of conducting residential security audit and why it is important for the security of your home.
A Residential security audit is explained simply as a security check that either you or a professional such as Lockworx Locksmith conducts around your home to ascertain the nature of the security systems and whether they are working or not. This check is very important as it highlight the state of security around your home and the level of exposure to burglars.

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It Helps Test the Security Systems
A Residential security audit makes you adopt a helicopter view of your home security apparatus. As part of the audit, you need to adopt the ‘burglar perspective’ to see what loopholes exist and how you can seal them. It acts as an eye opener to the house owner as it shows him the vulnerable areas such as broken walls, unsecured doors and exposed window access points. To the existing security systems, this audit helps in measuring their resilience to acts of intrusion.

A Security Audit Brings Confidence
There is nothing as scary as living in a house whose security systems you do not trust. Whether it is the entry points, the lock systems or unprotected patio doors, you need assurance that everything is working right. A home security audit removes the fear of the unknown and brings a sense of mental peace to the residents. Due to the comprehensive nature of the checklist that the audit encompasses, there is an assurance that every area will be covered.

It Highlights New Ideas in Security Investments
A home security audit encompasses a thorough check of every little security detail from the basement windows to manholes at the edge of the fence. There could be other security items on the checklist that you do not have. You need to shortlist these items and see if they are worth investing in. For instance, you may decide to install CCTV cameras so as to boost your security system or to replace the common locks with deadbolt locks. Many ideas could come up after such an audit.

Can Help You When Lodging an Insurance Claim
There are all sorts of insurances covers that are available today. People insure their houses against burglary, fire and many other catastrophes. Insurance companies have become wary of the many false claims that are lodged by insured parties. In an attempt to benefit, such parties fill in details that did not exist prior to the calamity. A home security audit checklist can be a resourceful document to help the insurance firm in their investigations.
Every home should therefore ensure that they have an audit of all their security details from time to time.

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While it is understandable that you may want to save some money on your security system we find that wanting the cheapest possible lock systems is expensive in the long run. Most of the cheap locks are made of materials that do not last long and also the expertise used in assembling the locks is usually substandard. Within a short time, these locks get jammed and cease to function and need to be professionally repaired or replaced. A durable lock system will serve you for a considerably longer period of time and is much more cost-effective.

Review all your locks and not just the door lock that is broken. Replacing or upgrading your lock system at one time saves money in the long run. Chances are high that your house or office has more than one lock system. If each of these lock systems were bought during different times, the total amount you spent is probably higher that if you could have bought them all at once. Replacing in bulk has lots of advantages such as getting uniform locks, and saving on installation cost when service is performed at the same time.

Get a spare key made before you need it. By having the key already, it allows the locksmith to simply duplicate the key at a lower cost than creating a brand new one. Feel free to contact the pros at Lockworx Locksmith team for assistance for all your security needs. 503-888-5104